Original air date: 09/08/2011

The episode starts out with a recap of recent events.

Then the new action starts when we see Sam and Jesse headed westbound on NE 18th Street away from N. Bayshore Drive in Downtown Miami.

Then it cuts to the interior of the car. The interior shots were clearly filmed inside the studio.

Then we see them arrive on the west side of the studio. We just saw this location used in episode 72/ 510 Army Of One.

Sam looks out the driver’s side window past Jesse. He is in reality looking south away from the studio and away from the exterior set of Michael’s loft.

Magically he sees Michael’s stairs. Impossible in reality.

Then when they show the view out the window it shows them staring at the shell of a cargo container.

Then we see the car headed eastbound over the Rickenbacker Causeway toward Virginia Key.



Then we see the feds headed southbound on NE 4th Avenue from NE 18th Street. They are driving by a Miami Vice location. This is where Izzy lived in episode 52, Better Living Through Chemistry. Crockett and Tubbs pull up outside Las Cuevas Del Sacromonte and park right near the royal palm tree we see on the left side of the road.

      As seen in Miami Vice.

Better Living Through Chemistry

Then we see what is clearly the stunt driver headed southbound on NE 4th Ave Loop away from NE 4th Ave. This is a reversed image (flipped) which is why it looks like they are headed north when they are not.

Then we see the convoy turn onto NE 4th Avenue southbound from NE 19th Street. In the real world this would mean that Jesse and Sam were actually ahead of the convoy and the convoy was driving in circles.

Jesse and Sam pull in behind the convoy and all continue south toward the Omni.

Intercut we see Jesse and Sam talking inside Fiona’s car. This was filmed at the studio.

Then we see them headed northbound on the NE 4th Avenue Loop away from the Omni.

Then we see everyone northbound on NE 4th Avenue. They are northbound where 9 seconds earlier we saw them southbound.

Back to the studio.

Then southbound on NE 4h Avenue away from NE 19th Street.

Then northbound on NE 4th Avenue Loop toward NE 18th Street.

Then southbound on NE 4th Avenue Loop passing 18th Street.

Then northbound again, re-crossing NE 18th Street where they just passed southbound.

Intercut we see an interior studio shot and then they continue northbound up NE 4th Avenue Loop by NE 18th Street.

Then just north of NE 18th Street we see them make their move. There are several studio, green screen shots intercut that are obvious but most of the action takes place on NE 4th Avenue Loop just north of NE 18th Street.

With some help Michael is able to convince Pearce that he is telling the truth and they need to move now to catch Max’s killer who is currently on Brickell Key. This ends the teaser.

Act 1 opens with an aerial of South Miami Beach from over Star Island.

Then we see the police blocking a bridge which based on the dialog we would assume is Brickell Key Bridge. It is not. This was shot on location on the Venetian Causeway made famous in so many episodes of Miami Vice.

Then we see Michael and crew parked at the west end of the Venetian Causeway. On the south side of the street outside the Miami Herald. Crockett and Tubbs chased the Jamaicans through here in the teaser of Cool Runnin’.

Then we cut over to Miami Beach where Michael is atop a parking garage located at 67th Street and Harding Avenue. They make it seem like Pearce and crew are surrounding the garage but in fact they are still at the west end of the Venetian Causeway, 5.8 miles to the southwest.

Tavian takes his swan song off the north-west corner of the garage. Fortunately Michael got Tavian to admit to killing Max before diving off the building.

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