Burn Notice

Episode 76 / 514

Breaking Point

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It appears that the interior scene at the house was also filmed on location at 1630 NE Miami Place.

Michael take her down in the yard.

They kidnap her and bring her to Morningside Park where they continue the conversation.

Then we cut to the exterior of Michael’s loft. Filmed on set at the rear of the studio.

This leads us to Dion’s place. The filming location for the exterior shots are unknown.

Then we see Sam put together some not so smart college students. This was filmed next door to where we saw Fi and Sam tracking Anson on Lincoln Lane North. At the New World Symphony.

Then we cut to Michael’s loft filmed on set in the studio.

Then we go to the weapons cache. This was also filmed at the studio. Grove Key Marina is seen in the background out the open bay door of the studio.

This is where they exited the school in episode 3, Fight or Flight.

Michael thinks on his feet and turns a would be problem into a free demo on the grounds of the Coconut Grove Convention Center. Fiona and Sam are stationed in the parking lot.

The truck arrives at the front of the studio on Pan American Drive.



Weapons cache

Fiona and Sam

Opposite view

This is not just any truck. This was Nate’s truck earlier in the series. Now it has been painted silver and sent to it’s demise. This time for real not like in Loose Ends as we later saw it in episode 26, Truth and Reconciliation.

Then we see a nice view of Downtown Miami followed by some other filler shots to lengthen the episode to the allotted time.

Then an aerial of Michael headed north on Interstate 95 toward SW 8th Street.

Then eastbound on the MacArthur Causeway passing the Coast Guard Building on Terminal Island. Thanks to Harold Loeser who found this location and let me know where it was filmed.

Then Watson Island.

Outside Homestead Miami Speedway. Footage from episode 51, Past and Future Tense.

Card Sound Road to Key Largo. Re-used in multiple episodes.

An aerial view of Miami Children’s Hospital, Coral Gables.

Then we go to Ricky’s place, filmed on location at 5600 North Bayshore Drive, Miami.

Then we go inside Dion’s place. This was filmed on location at 1749 NE Miami Court.

Intercut we see Fiona and Ricky are listening in from outside. Filming location unknown.

We see Fiona and Ricky arrive at the alley. This was filmed at the studio in the east corner of he building. This same spot we have seen used in episode 29, Friends and Family where Michael and Harlan are seen running from a club. In the same episode we see Fiona team up with Harlan to steal a garbage truck here.

Then Ricky, Fiona and Michael have a sit down meeting. Filming location unknown. Possibly inside Power Studios but I have not confirmed that.

Then we see Fiona arrive at Ricky’s as he is leaving. Filmed on location at 5600 North Bayshore Drive.

She is talking on the phone with Sam. His location is unknown.

Then we see Michael and crew outside the other gang’s meeting hall. This was filmed on location outside Power Studios at 3711 NE 2nd Avenue.

Then we see Fiona and Ricky inside making adjustments to the bomb. This appears to have been filmed on location at Power Studios.

Michael and Jesse are in the bar area.

Michael pulls Dion out of the meeting and sets him up across the street under 195.

Then Michael and Ricky pull Dion into an alley. Location unknown.

Then we cut to Madeline’s house. Filmed on set in the studio.

Next we see Fiona and Sam enter the Golden House. 1340 Lincoln Road.

Then we see Michael meet with Anson. This was filmed at the same location where we saw them meet earlier on Ocean Terrace. Now they are at the main entrance to the condo that replaced the Blue Waters Hotel. Ocean Terrace by 73rd Street.

Then we cut back to The Golden House where Fi and Sam realize it is just a communications relay location.

Then we see Michael arrive at the local CIA Office. There he plants the virus. Filming location unknown.

The episode ends here.


Then we go inside. The same building that was used in episode 504, No Good Deed where it was Eve’s place. 1749 NE Miami Court.

Location unknown.



If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:


25 49’ 22.46” N  80 10’ 41.69” W

25 47’ 29.79” N

80 07’ 59.58” W

25 43’ 42.82” N

80 14’ 09.33” W

25 47’ 31.33” N 80 11’ 36.31” W

25 48’ 42.16” N

80 11’ 28.34” W

25 51’ 33.27” N   80 07’ 11.46” W

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