Original air date: 12/15/2011

The episode starts with a recap of recent events.

Then the episode starts off with the gang at Michael’s. This was filmed on set inside the studio.

Then Michael surprises Anson in a parking garage. Fiona once again has selected a very poor sniper position. She fires several shots with a high powered rifle toward Anson that would have boomed and echoed throughout the downtown area, yet no one notices or responds. This was filmed on location in Downtown Miami. Fiona is atop the City National Bank, 25 West Flagler Street.

Michael meets Anson in the Miami Parking Authority parking garage north of Fiona on NW 2nd Street. An easy shot at only 140 yards.

Act 1 opens back at Michael’s, filmed on set at the studio.

Next, we see Michael meet with Pearce in her office. Likely a set within the studio but I have not confirmed this yet. Location unsure.

They go downstairs to the firing range to meet the team. Location unknown.

While at Michael’s, Sam shows them Anson’s warehouse in Tampa. On the computer display we see an aerial of the plant location we saw used in episode 43, Good Intentions.

Next we see Sam and Fiona on the ground in Tampa. In reality they are on location in Princeton, Florida. West Dixie Highway at SW 236th Street. We saw this same location used in episode 43, Good Intentions.

Then we see Michael and team exiting a vehicle. This was filmed in the 700 block of North Miami Avenue, looking south.

Then we see a brief aerial establishing shot of Miami International Airport. The image may look a little bit off. That is because the image is flipped/reversed. We are looking south but due to the image being reversed, east is to the right instead of the left.

Then we see Pearce at Opa-locka Airport where Reed arrives. Here we see the same cargo plane behind Pearce that we saw used in episode 5, Family Business. Then, the Zamars took off in this same plane.

Then we see Reed on the highway. Location unknown.

Then southbound on Biscayne Blvd. passing NE 10th Street.

Then continuing southbound on Biscayne Blvd. passing NE 9th Street.

Then back to North Miami Avenue at 7th Street near where we saw Michael’s team exit the vehicle.

Then we see one of the team members parked outside 55 NE 7th Street.

Michael is sitting with Rebecca at an outdoor cafe. They are on the SW corner of the intersection of North Miami Avenue and 7th Street.

We see Reed headed south on North Miami Avenue away from 9th Street toward Michael’s position.

We then see Ryan headed westbound on NE 7th Street.

Then further back on NE 7th Street toward where we had just seen him. There he has a most unrealistic accident.

Reed continues past, headed south on North Miami Avenue.

Then we return to Pearce’s office. Location unknown.

Then we see Jesse at the conference. Location unknown.

Then they go upstairs. This was filmed on location in the new Hotel Beaux Arts, Marriott Marquis Hotel, 255 Biscayne Blvd. Way.

Then we return to Southwell Systems filmed on location in Princeton Florida. West Dixie Highway at SW 238th Street.

Then we go inside. This may have been filmed on location or may have been filmed at the studio. Filming location unknown.

The place blows up and Sam calls Michael. Michael is by pier 7 at the Dinner Key Marina. There Michael meets with Anson.

Then the gang meets at Michael’s. Filmed on set inside the studio.

Then Michael and Jesse meet with Pearce at her office. Filming location unknown.

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Burn Notice

Episode 80 / 518

Fail Safe

Then a split second later, we see the plane headed N-NW (310 degrees) passing 5525 East Perimeter Road on the other runway. We saw this location used in the Miami Vice episode, One Way Ticket.

As seen in Family Business


Michael and Anson

Then we see Jesse at a bar. This was filmed inside the Hotel Beaux Arts in Miami. 255 Biscayne Blvd. Way.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Then we see a 1983 Israel Aircraft Industries, 1124 landing at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport. First we see the plane arriving from the west headed east (80 degrees). We see 3150 West Prospect Road in the background.


P2 Fail Safe