Burn Notice

  Episode 64




Original air date:  06/30/2011

The episode starts off in the Costa Rican Jungle with Michel chasing Fiona through the woods.  In reality this was of course filmed in South Florida.  Exact location unknown.

Then we see Michael meet with Max at a bar in a hotel lobby. This was filmed at the Deauville Hotel, 6701 Collins Ave.  This hotel was made famous by the Beatles when they stayed here on their first trip to the U.S.  It was also made famous of course when Burn Notice used the Deauville to start the series.  It was a Nigerian Hotel in the Pilot.  Ironic that he has his first assignment after returning to the company, in the same hotel where he found out the hard way that he had been burned.

Here we meet Carson Huxley,  Michael’s first assignment.

Then we see Michael with Fiona as she looks at apartments. We see Michael out on the balcony soaking in the ocean (the only plus in the apartment) while Fiona looks around the shabby, tiny apartment. This was filmed at the Deauville Condos.

The Bel Aire On The Ocean, 6515 Collins Ave. can be seen in the background behind Fiona.

Then we cut to Michael’s loft where Jesse is waiting outside. This was filmed on set at the rear of the studio.

Then we go inside the loft, studio set.

Next we go to Carlito’s.  Filmed on set at the rear of the studio. Here we meet the new client, Ryoko.

Then we go to a bar where Michael is babysitting Carson.  Location unknown.

Then we see Sam, Jesse, and Fiona at another beach hotel where they find the bad guy, Takeda. This was filmed on location at the Shelborne Hotel, 1801 Collins Ave. The Shelborne was made famous in the Miami Vice episode, Buddies.

Takeda is tipped off that they are closing in on him and he scrams out of there.

Then it cuts and we see Takeda run around a corner chased by Fiona 17 blocks to the south of the Shelborne. He runs from southbound on Collins Ave. to eastbound on 1st Street. I recognized this location right away from episode 32, Fearless Leader.

They jump down onto 18th Street and run west toward Collins Ave.

Where Takeda is taken down by a car. The gang move in swiftly and corral Takeda into their car.

Then we cut to Virginia Key where they are holding the kidnapped Takeda. This shed is not a real shed but was constructed just for this filming. This was filmed along the east shore of the key.

Key Biscayne is seen in the distant background.

Then we go inside the cabin which was clearly filmed on a set inside the C.G.C.C. Studio.

Next we see Fiona babysitting Carson at the Deauville hotel bar.

Which leads to Fiona taking Carson on a nice ride. This starts on the Julia Tuttle Causeway (195) Bridge and continues both eastbound and westbound on the Julia Tuttle Causeway until coming to a stop at the far east end near Mt. Siani Hospital. Miami Vice fans will recognize this stretch of roadway from episode 40, The Fix where the judge drives off the road here and episode 2, Heart Of Darkness where Crockett and Tubbs take a ride with Artie.




Then we cut to the cabin (Virginia Key) where we see Sugar bring Mikey the drugs he needs to make Takeda talk.

Then we go inside the cabin (studio set).

From the cabin we return to the Shelborne Hotel where Fiona is chasing Carson putting the finishing touch on her task.  According to the USA Network web site, the bathroom was a three walled set.  I believe this was set up inside the Shelborne Hotel but I have not confirmed this yet. Being a set it was not as secure as a real wall so when Fiona bangs against the door, we see the whole wall move.  We saw Fiona before at the Shelborne with Sam in episode 24, Seek and Destroy.

Then we go to Zorba’s. The exterior establishing shot was filmed at Dacra,  Washington Ave. at 1st Street, Sobe. This is a really attractive art-deco building that I always thought Vice should have used but never did. I am glad Burn Notice has used it now though not to it’s potential.  It is directly adjacent to the location where Fiona steals the tip jar in episode 25, Bad Breaks.

The interior was filmed at Sustain, 3252 NE 1st Ave, Miami Design District.

As seen in Miami Vice, Red Tape

Bel Aire On The Ocean


Location as seen in Fearless Leader.

Dacra, a.k.a. Zorba’s can be seen in the background as the police arrive on the scene at the end of Bad Breaks.

This picture I took during the filming of Bad Breaks was taken from Zorba’s

We see Jesse parked outside on 1st Street. This is exactly where Crockett parks when he pulls up to help serve a warrant in episode 63 of Miami Vice, Red Tape.


Jesse parks

Sam gets caught following Takeda’s partners and has to stop following them. This was filmed on Washington Ave. in front of Zorba’s

Next, we return to the cabin on Virginia Key. From this view point we can see that it is clearly just a facade and not a real cabin.

A large cargo ship headed into the Port Of Miami mysteriously appears and disappears into thin air due to the way this scene was cut and spliced together from numerous takes.

Then we go inside the cabin (studio set) where Madeline escapes with Takeda.

First we see her southbound on an unnamed stretch of road off of Arthur Lamb Jr. Road headed toward the Rickenbacker Causeway. With help she is able to get around Jesse and Fiona.

It cuts and we are in the blink of an eye, 4.5 miles to the north headed southbound on Alton Road by Barry Street on Miami Beach.

It cuts and the chase continues southbound on Alton Road but now they are about 50 yards north of where we had just seen them. They are passing St. Patrick’s Church which we saw in Miami Vice episode 66, Viking Bikers From Hell. They  are headed toward Barry Street.  We see the house on the SE corner of that intersection.

We see Talmudic University in the background.

We see them continue southbound on Alton Road past Barry St. where we first saw them.

Fiona tells Jesse to let Madeline and Takeda get away. Madeline turns from Alton Road northbound/Julia Tuttle interchange onto Alton Road southbound. Jesse pretends to over shoot and drives by missing the turn.

Then we see them going by St. Patrick’s again, turning from southbound on Garden Ave. to eastbound on Barry Street.

Then we see them at the same intersection go from eastbound on Barry Street to southbound on Garden Ave.

Then at the same intersection again, for the fifth time, we see them turn from eastbound on Barry Street to southbound onto Garden Ave. again but this time with the camera filming from east of the intersection instead of south.  A Miami Beach Police car can be seen in the background at the intersection of Barry Street and Alton Road blocking traffic so the filming would not be interrupted.

Then we see them northbound on Garden Avenue passing St. Patrick’s.

Then southbound on Garden Ave. away from Barry Street.

Barry St. and Garden Ave.

St. Patrick’s

Then we see Madeline pull slowly out of an alley. This was filmed almost 5 miles away on the mainland. In an east-west running alley off of the 7100 block of NW 6th Avenue.

We see Sam and Michael parked next to a power transformer station.  This was filmed nearby at the intersection of NW 72nd Street and NW 5th Court.

We see Michael and Sam drive by the alley. They are headed south on NW 5th Place.

Now that Madeline has obtained the information on the girls that they needed, the team reels Takeda back in. This was filmed at on NW 6th Ave. Just outside the alley.

Now they are easily able to liberate the slaves. Filming location unknown.

Having wrapped up the case they meet with Jesse who has a paycheck of sorts for them. This was filmed outside the Ballroom entrance to the Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove on SW 27th Ave. near the studio.

One of the Google Earth Street View cars made a special guest star appearance driving by while filming the filming.

Then we see Max meet with Michael at Carlito’s (Set at rear of studio).

Then we go inside Michael and Fiona’s loft (studio set) where the episode ends.



Then by the same intersection again, this time from westbound on Barry Street to northbound on Garden Ave.



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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org