Original air date: 07/13/2011

The episode starts out with Michael arriving to a black tie event to carry out a last minute task. This is set up to have been at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida and In reality it was filmed on location there. We have seen the Biltmore used previously for Burn Notice filming (Good Soldier, and Better Halves) as well as for Miami Vice (The Afternoon Plane, Vote Of Confidence, Line Of Fire, and as exterior establishing shots in The Lost Madonna and Freefall) and movies like Bad Boys and the Specialist.

Act 1 opens at Madeline’s house with Michael and Fiona working on the car. This was filmed on set at the studio.

While at Madeline’s (set) Barry arrives with his brother Paul who needs help. Fiona agrees to help.

Then we see Michael arrive at the CIA field office. The building seen in the background through the window is what gives this location away. Filmed on location at Bayview Plaza, 3225 Aviation Ave. Miami.

Then we return to the Biltmore where Sam is enjoying the benefits of dating the owner. Fiona manipulates him into leaving to help her with Paul’s problem. This is the same pool we will see later in episode 73/511, Better Halves. We see Julie jump into this pool in Bad Boys.

Then we see Jesse hot on the trail. He is northbound on the Alton Road interchange.

We see Fiona and Sam arrive to help. I was very lucky to recognize the billboard in the background, More Sports- Miami Herald and place it in line with the SE Financial Center in the background. This quickly led me to the block that they were in. They are on SW 3rd Street outside Griffin Black’s house. 4444 SW 3rd Street.

Then they go inside where the big guy gives them a little trouble before Fiona handles things.

Then we see Michael meet with Paul and Barry in a park next to a ball field. This was filmed in Crandon Park on Key Biscayne.

Then we go to the frequently used Jose Marti Park on the south bank of the Miami River.

We see her get into her jeep that is facing north on SW 4th Avenue.

Then it cuts and we see then driving along the south side of the studio on Sw 27th Avenue extension past the Seminole boat ramp and toward S. Bayshore Drive.

Then they get a little tricky. At first glance it appears that they are driving on the wrong side of the road but I have seen this trick before. It is a reversed or flipped image. After flipping the image the location is readily identified as S. Bayshore Drive passing the studio.

Then, Location unknown.

As seen on t.v.

Corrected (flipped back)

Then we see her southbound on SW 4th Avenue approaching SW 6th Street.

There she stops and forces everyone to pass to avoid being tailed. Except for when they cut to a view of her jeep from the rear. Then some how she is magically transported back to the south side of the studio where she is seen waiting on SW 27th Avenue at S. Bayshore Drive.

Madeline and Fiona are still back on SW 4th Avenue at SW 6th Street despite the fact that Eve is now on SW 27th Avenue.

Then we see Eve back on SW 4th Ave. where her ploy works and she loses her tail. Fiona calls Michael. The background is fuzzy but it appears Michael was filmed at Jose Marti Park.

Then we see Max and Michael head into their next mission. Location unknown.

Then we cut to Fiona, Sam and Jesse at work on Paul’s case. They are breaking into Eve’s place. This was filmed on NE 17th Terrace at NE Miami Place. In the area we saw used in Guilty As Charged .

As Sam opens the door we see the Filling Station, still under construction. This was the site of the flipping of the prisoner transport van in episode 56/412, Guilty As Charged.

The interior shows every indication of having been filmed on location at 1749 NE Miami Ct. but I will have to go there to confirm this 100%..

Then we see the crew back at Michael’s place (studio set) reassembling the lead they obtained.

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