EPISODE 68




The episode begins inside Michael’s loft (studio set) where the gang is reviewing tape of Michael’s double.

Original air date:  07/28/2011

Then it cuts to the next morning where the CIA has a mission (on U.S. Soil) for Michael. This was filmed at the Grove Towers, 2843 South Bay Shore Dr. by the studio. We have seen this location before in episode 4, Old Friends and in Miami Vice, episode 64, By Hooker By Crook.

As seen in Old Friends

We see Michael’s stunt double climb the exterior of the building by the pool area.  He heads up to the 6th floor.

There, the action gets completely stupid. Michael breaks the window with a small explosive charge to simulate a sniper shot. This leads the intended victim not to seek cover or concealment but to immediately walk out the same broken window to present himself as an easy target.

We learn that the drone deal has already taken place and we cut to Pearce’s office.  This is set up to look like it was filmed in the Brickell area, but I strongly suspect this was a studio set based on a number of things. Most significant, the filmy, unclear look out the windows.  Location unknown. If you recognize this or any other unknown location please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Then we see an establishing set up shot (reused footage) of Nikki Beach before going inside a cafe. This was filmed at the Mayfair in Coconut Grove. The Mayfair has been used before in Burn Notice but is most famous for its use in Miami Vice episode 39, French Twist.

Then we go to a bar where Fiona meets with Sugar to obtain info on a drug shipment. According to the USA Network’s web site, this was filmed on the bottom floor of a private residence in Coconut Grove, on a set built within the house. LeBron James lives in a modest home a couple houses away. I wonder if he stopped in for a drink.  This was filmed in Hughes Cove at the end of Devon Ct.  I believe the house number is 3319.  It is the last house on the Court.

Then we cut back to Pearce’s office.

Next we head out into the woods where our gang steals the shipment of drugs.  This is suppose to be near Interstate 95 north of Ft. Lauderdale. Clearly it is not but I have not tracked this location down yet.  Location unknown.

The plan works and Sam is taken in for questioning.

Next we cut to Sam arriving at Carmello’s house. This is the same house we earlier saw used as a bar where Fiona met with Sugar. They question Sam as Jesse, Fiona and Michael listen in back at the loft (set). This house is at the end of Devon Ct. In Hughes Cove.

Then we see Jesse meet with Djovic to further the plan. Filming location unknown.

Then we see Fiona and Madeline go to the County Clerk’s Office. This was most likely a set at the studio but this location has not been confirmed.  Location unknown.

Then we go to Bundsch Trucking. The number on the building is 14301.  This was filmed at 14301 NE 20th Lane. Thanks to GEJedi on the Burn Notice message board for finding this location.

Original stop

Final stop

Filming goof:  The spot where they originally stop and the place of the Final stop are only 10 feet apart despite seeing them drive close to 100 feet as they charge at the gunman in the road.

Then we go to Carmello’s house.

Then we cut back to Michael’s loft exterior. Set at the rear of the studio.

Then we cut to Michael walking and talking with Pearce. This is in an unknown hotel hallway.

This leads to the CIA office where we meet Manaro and Bailey.

Location unknown.

Next we see Sam doing some fast talking at Carmelo’s house.

The gang listens in back at Michael’s (set).

Then we go back to the County Records Department where they gain access to the state’s computers with the aid of a dimwit.

Then we go back to Carmelo’s where Sam continues the Chuck Finley show.

Michael and Jesse are at Michael’s (set) listening in and then takeoff to put Sam’s plan into action.

We see them eastbound on the Rickenbacker Causeway to Virginia Key.

Then southbound on interstate 95 in Overtown crossing the rail road tracks.

Then southbound on NE 2nd Ave. passing Teresita Market at 4680 NE 2nd Ave.

Then we see Fiona and Sam drifting around the rotary from southbound NE 10th Ave. to eastbound on NE 89th Street. Yes, I realize this is suppose to be Michael and Jesse in the car but it is not. They must have figured no one would notice that they re-used footage of Fiona and Sam driving from episode 44, Devil You Know.

Then Fiona goes southbound on NE 10th Ave by NE 93rd. Street.

Then eastbound on NE 89th Street where Fiona slams on the brakes to turn into the bomber’s house. Here they cut the re-used footage and Fiona does not crash into the house but we see the car turn down...

..  A dead end street instead. We see a sign for drainage improvement project for N. Bayshore Dr. and ?? St. I am still working on placing this street.  It appears likely that this was filmed on NE 10th Ct, where it dead ends south of NE 89th Street. I may have to wait for the dvd to come out so I can get a clearer picture in order to read the sign.

Then it cuts back to NE 10th Ave. where they head northbound past NE 10th Ct. just south of NE 95th Street.

Then they drift from westbound on NE 143rd Street to northbound on NE 18th Ave.

Then back to, Devil You Know, for Fiona southbound on NE 10th Ave. by NE 91st Terrace with Sam.

Then they arrive at the Serbian’s, Sunview Motel. The exterior establishing shot was was filmed at the Shalimar Motel. 6200 Biscayne Blvd. Miami.

Next we see Michael back at the C.I.A. office.    

Then we see Carmelo’s gang headed south over the Miami River on the new SW 5th St. Bridge by Michael’ loft.

The plan came together and Sam owes Michael one,.......     and Michael owes Sam fifty.

Then we see Michael meet with Fiona and his mother where they straighten him out and give him the I.D. of his double.

Then we meet Jacob Starky. Michael has followed him and we see him buy a Glock. This was filmed behind Bundsch Trucking along the tracks.



The interior and back alleyway were shot at a different location.  Location unknown.

They are seen driving by some loading docks.  This was filmed as they drove northbound on NE 20th Lane by the  Bundsch Trucking location.



Then they arrive at the Box Key Marina. This was filmed on the Miami River just east of the new 5th Street bridge.

This is the same warehouse outside which Fiona blew up two cars to help Michael and Victor in episode 28, Lesser Evil.

They debrief in a parking lot.  This may be the Grove Towers lot but I will have to go there to confirm.  Location unknown.

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org