Burn Notice

 Episode 75/ 513

Damned If You Do


Original air date: 11/03/2011

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The episode starts with a recap of recent events.

Then we see a nice fly-by of Hollywood Beach.

Then we cut to Michael on the balcony of his loft. This was filmed on set inside the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio.

Then we see Michael meet with Agent Pearce. This was likely also filmed on set at the studio but I have not confirmed this yet.

Location unconfirmed.

Then we see Michael meet with Anson. This was filmed on location at Margaret Pace Park in Miami. They are sitting at the NE corner of the park. This ends the teaser.

Act 1 opens at Carlito’s, filmed on set at the rear of the studio.

Next we go inside Madeline’s home. This too, was filmed on set at the studio.

Then Michael and Fiona go to Puerto Rico. In reality we see two cuts of stock footage which do not appear to be of Puerto Rico.

Then the filming continues in South Florida. We see Fiona and Michael arrive by their target. Location unknown.

Fiona creates a diversion at the front so Michael can sneak in the back. In reality Fiona is not even in the neighborhood. Her scene was filmed at Matheson Hammock County Park.

We see them looking at the target house. In reality this would be impossible. The house they are looking at is 820 San Pedro Ave (Next to Duddy’s house from Lend Me An Ear). This is at the end of San Pedro Avenue and there is nothing but ocean behind the house so Fiona and Michael could not be parked behind the house on land.

Then we return to 820 San Pedro Avenue where Michael kidnaps Oswald.

It cuts, and we see Michael has Oswald tied up at Michael’s loft. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then Michael takes Oswald out in public. This was filmed at Bayside Marketplace in Downtown Miami. This was Crockett’s Marina in the first couple seasons of Miami Vice and Burn Notice has used this location in Turn and Burn, Noble Causes, and Mind Games.

Then we cut to Madeline’s house where Sam and Jesse are prepping her for her role. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of the Police Department. They did not spend any money filming this shot as it is re-used footage from episode 65/503 Mind Games.This is in reality, the Miami City Hall at Dinner Key behind the studio.

Then we go inside. This was likely filmed on set at the studio but location unknown.

We see a nice aerial of the Rickenbacker Causeway looking east.

Then we see Oswald take Fiona and Michael to his associate’s home to get the access cards. This was filmed on location in North Miami at 501 NE 102nd Street.

Then we see Xavier arriving. He is approaching from the south, headed northbound on NE 5th Avenue approaching NE 102nd Street.

Fiona looks out the window and sees Xavier now eastbound on NE 102nd Street (somehow) arrive with 490 NE 102nd Street in the background.

501 NE 102nd Street

Xavier arriving 1st cut

Xavier arriving 2nd cut

Goof: Fiona leads them all outside where we then see the same suv arrive again in the same spot in front of 490 NE 102nd Street where we saw it arrive moments earlier while they were inside.

Michael puts plan B into action and uses Oswald as a hostage which allows them all to escape from 501 NE 102nd Street.

Then we see the crew back at Michael’s place. Filmed on set in the studio.

Then we see Fiona sending Oswald’s girlfriend out of the country to be safe. For this filming we have returned to the Bayside Marketplace area, to Miami Marina (Crockett’s Marina). To the NE corner by the Port Bridge.

Next we see Anson drop in on Sam and Jesse. This was filmed on the Carlito’s set at the rear of the studio.

Then we see Michael on a divided highway. Location unknown.

Then thru a neighborhood. Location unknown.

Then we see them arrive at a storage facility and retrieve the cards. Location unknown.

Goof: All the exterior shots are in bright daylight but while Michael is inside the storage unit it is dark outside only to become daytime again when he exits.

Then we see Michael go after the drive. The exterior was filmed in the 100 block of NE 7th Avenue, downtown Miami.

The building is seen in the background may remind you of the Miami Vice episode Out Where The Buses Don’t Run as it was seen in the background there as well.

At the last second the attempt is aborted and we return to Michael’s, filmed on set at the studio.

Then we return to NE 7th Avenue to put Xavier together.

However; the interior scene was filmed on special built sets within the studio.

Then we see Fiona and Michael steal a dump truck. Location unknown.

Then we see Sam driving with Jesse and Oswald following after Xavier past a Publix warehouse. This was filmed on location as they travel westbound on NE 181st Street past Publix and NE 1st Court, North Miami Beach (mainland).

Then we see Fiona and Michael driving eastbound toward the Publix warehouse on NE 181st Street. In real life this would mean that they just drove past Xavier and Sam.

Then we see Michael and Fiona continuing east on NE 181st Street now approaching NE 2nd Court.

Then we see Fiona and Michael reach the curve on NE 181st Street on the same screen, and at the same time we see Xavier headed the opposite direction (west) over the same stretch of NE 181st Street but Michael and Fiona’s dump truck is missing in the near background. In reality they would have just passed each other again on what is obviously the same stretch of road.

After the curve NE 181st Street becomes NE 4th Court and then we see Michael pull off and stop under the 860/183rd Street bridge.

Then we see an aerial establishing shot of a bridge, Sadly this bridge looks nothing like the bridge we just saw Michael and Fiona stop under. Strikingly different even in real time. We have seen film of this bridge in Hard Out and Eye For An Eye. The Florida Turnpike in Doral crossing NW 58th Street.

Then we see Jesse and Sam parked at 300 NE 181st Street by the tracks.

Xavier approaches Michael and Fiona’s position under the bridge by now heading southbound on NE 4th Court.

Then Sam spots the police headed their way, and they are, westbound on NE 181st Street from NW Miami Court.


Sam, Jesse, Oswald

Michael and Fi

The armed robbery continues as the police pass Sam and Jesse.

The police pass Michael and continue north on NE 4th Court after Xavier.

Then we see a split screen where the  police currently head north on NE 4th Court away from the bridge while on the top half of the screen we see 2 separate flashbacks (in the corner boxes) to previous police responses in past episodes. Though intended to be part of this scene, these shots are so clearly from previous episodes and do not fit in at all that it seems they could be flashbacks and not somehow related to the current activity. The center top box shows Xavier leaving the bridge headed south on NE 4th Court toward NE 181st Street passing Sam and the responding police. In reality this makes no sense as Michael was blocking this route and we already saw Xavier head north away from the police. This shot was filmed from the NE 183rd Bridge above Michael and Fiona.

Then the “flashback” continues.

Then we come back to new footage as Xavier is arrested by the police. This appears to have been filmed in the parking lot of the studio but not enough is seen to confirm this 100%.

Then we see a nice aerial of the Boat Basin (made famous in the Elvis movie, Clambake) and the Rusty Pelican (made famous in the movie, Caddyshack) on Virginia Key.

Then we land back at Miami Marina where Fiona is sending Oswald off with her smuggler in the same location where she earlier sent his girlfriend on her way.

Goof: A police boat securing the filming area is seen in the background behind Fiona. Not something the smuggler would want to see in real life.

Then we see Michael visit with his mother. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we cut to Michael’s loft where we see a sleepless Fiona and Michael. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see Michael visit with Pearce the next day to find out that he has been given security clearance. Likely a set but not confirmed.

Then we see Michael meet with Anson in a park. This however; is not the same park where we saw them meet at the start of the episode. Filming for this meeting was done at Matheson Hammock County Park, made famous in the movies Absence of Malice followed by There’s Something About Mary. Burn Notice has since used the park in Good Intentions, Out Of The Fire, and Hard Out.

The episode ends here.


Fake Gate

820 San Pedro Avenue

Fake gate that is suppose to be at the front of the house.

Devil You Know

Fearless Leader




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25 47’ 44.34” N 80 11’ 08.81” W

25 39’ 05.46” N  80 16’ 06.56” W

25 40’ 22.67” N  80 15’ 40.59” W

25 46’ 43.98” N  

80 11’ 10.93” W

25 43’ 39.29” N  80 14’ 04.76” W

25 52’ 09.27” N  80 11’ 14.55” W

25 46’ 44.14” N  80 11’ 00.26” W

25 46’ 50.92” N  80 11’ 28.54” W

25 56’ 26.44” N  80 11’ 51.25” W

25 56’ 30.13” N  80 11’ 36.56” W

25 49’ 34.16” N  80 23’ 12.79” W

25 56’ 27.38” N  80 11’ 39.05” W

25 40’ 43.36” N  80 15’ 19.79” W

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