Burn Notice

Episode 76 / 514

 Breaking Point


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Original air date: 11/10/2011

Filming for this episode was conducted from 08/04/2011 through 08/12/2011.

The episode start off in Michael’s loft. Filmed on set within the studio.

Then we go to a meet between Michael and Anson. Sam and Fiona are there to place a tracking device on Anson’s car. This was filmed on location at and around 7330 Ocean Terrace, Miami Beach. This location was made famous by the former structure that was on this location. The legendary Blue Waters Hotel, most famous for it’s role in the Miami Vice episode, The Maze as well as in French Twist.

Then we see Fiona chasing after Anson to install the tracking device because she was too slow on her approach. We see her running northwest on Ocean Terrace Alley toward 74th Street. She is running right thru the location used at the end of episode 17, Scatter Point where Timo gets taken out.

Anson and Michael were parked in front of Le Banyan. 7300 Ocean Terrace. The building who’s exterior was used in the establishing shot for Paul’s place in episode 51, Past and Future Tense.

Then eastbound in the alleyway between 7331 and 7335 Collins Avenue. She is running away from Collins Avenue toward where we just saw her running. In real life this would indicate that she just ran a circle around the building.

1st cut

2nd cut

Next she is running by some garbage bins headed north behind 7345 Collins Avenue.

Then location unknown.

Then by the same garbage bins in the same alley where we saw her in the third cut of the chase. This is the third time she has run north by here.

Cut to two woman, location unknown.

Then back to the same alley where she runs by the same barrels again but from a different camera view point.


Behind 7345 Collins again, same as the first cut.

Unknown location.

Then location unknown.

Then north thru the same alley behind 7345 Collins Avenue for the fifth time.

Then westbound into the alley where we have seen her running northward 5 times.

Then she stops at the rear of 7353 Collins Avenue where we saw Timo get shot in episode 17, Scatter Point.

Fiona stops at corner

Anson is stopped at a red light on 74th street at Collins Avenue, outside where Carla had her Post Office box in Scatter Point. Fiona takes the opportunity to sneak up and mount the tracking device. This ends the teaser.

Then we go to the loft where they are tracking Anson and Madeline’s stops in with bad news. Filmed on set at the studio.

This leads us to Ricky’s home. Filmed on location at 5600 North Bayshore Drive, Miami. This is the same house we saw used in episode 18, Bad Blood.

Then we see an aerial of Interstate 95 in Downtown Miami.

Fiona and Sam are tracking Anson in her car. The interior shots were clearly filmed inside the studio on set.

Then we see them eastbound toward the bay on NE 18th Street passing Izzy’s home from Better Living Through Chemistry at NE 4th Avenue.

Really this is Sam and Jesse as this is footage from episode 74/512 Dead To Rights.

After more studio footage of the interior we see the car eastbound on NE 18th Street passing NE 4th Ave. More old footage from Dead To Rights.

Then back to a continuation of the filming but now looking west as they travel east toward the bay on NE 18th Street from NE 4th Ave. Also from Dead To Rights.

Then from westbound on NE 18th Street onto NE 4th Avenue northbound. Footage from Dead To Rights.

Then more Dead o Rights footage, now northbound on the NE 4th Avenue loop.

Then we switch back to new film footage. We see Sam and Fiona arrive eastbound on Lincoln Lane North at the intersection with Drexel Avenue.

They stop and look south down Drexel Avenue. They see Anson parking but in reality this is not possible because Anson is not on Drexel Avenue. I have not located his location yet but it was not where they make it appear to be.

Fiona spots a new parking garage where they can get a better view of the area. Interesting since she is looking east and the garage is, in reality 7 blocks behind her to the west on Alton Road.

Enters parking garage

Fi and Sam watch Anson park

Fiona screeches and squeals her way up the parking garage which would in real life attracted the attention of anyone within 4 blocks but here Anson is oblivious.

They watch Anson walk into the Golden House located at 1340 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.

Next we see an establishing shot of an urban area. For this we have traveled down to NW 24th Street just east of Interstate 95. This may look familiar because it was used in the movie, 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Then we see Michael and Ricky arrive at Jesse’s location. This was filmed on location on North East Miami Place under the School Board Metro-rail Station at NE 15th Street.

They traced the phone call to 1630 NE Miami Court where Michael and Jesse go into action.

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They talk across the street on the beach.

As seen in Scatter Point.



Michael, Jesse and Ricky.

25 51’ 31.43” N  80 07’ 11.63” W

25 51’ 33.33” N  80 07’ 13.81” W

25 49’ 40.91” N  

80 10’ 51.57” W

25 47’ 36.73” N  80 11’ 17.50” W

25 47’ 28.08” N  80 07’ 11.63” W

25 47’ 26.80” N  80 08’ 28.07” W

25 47’ 24.95” N  80 08’ 35.63” W

25 47’ 58.77” N  80 12’ 16.00” W

25 47’ 24.24” N  80 11’ 35.55” W