Original air date: 12/08/2011

Filming for this episode took place from 09/19/2011 thru 09/27/2011.





The episode starts off with a recap of recent events.

Then we go to Frank Westen’s (Michael’s father) grave site. Only for fans of the show this is a striking and obvious error. When Michael visited the grave site in episode 3, Fight or Flight it was on Star Island. It has clearly moved despite the dialog, to Alice Wainwright Park, 2845 Brickell Ave. Fans of the Porky’s movies will remember this location as the site of their high school graduation in Pee wee’s dream. Fans of the movie, Marley and Me will also recognize the location from that movie. In real life this is not a cemetery (nor was the original site on Star Island) but a nice small park.

As seen in Marley and Me

Then we see Michael arrive back at his place. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see some stock footage for exterior establishing shot of Washington, D.C.

Then we hit the ground with Fiona and Michael in what is suppose to be Washington. However; this was filmed on location in Miami. 25 SE 2nd Avenue. The Ingraham building, which is an historic location in Miami, built in 1927 and renovated in 1990. We saw this same location used in Miami Vice. In the episode, Heroes of The revolution, where it was used as a New York setting.

As seen in Heroes of The Revolution.

Then we go inside. The lobby scene was filmed on location within the Ingraham Building.

Then we go up to the 5th floor file room. Unknown if this was filmed on location or on a set at the studio.

Act 1 opens with the gang arriving back at Michael’s. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see Jesse meet with the new client, Ian. This location is instantly recognizable from it’s several appearances in Miami Vice. Even the light fixtures are unchanged and instantly recognizable. This was filmed in the lobby of the Park Central Hotel, 640 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. We have seen this location used in the Miami Vice episodes: Asian Cut, Hostile Takeover, Death and The Lady, and The Savage.

As seen in: Asian Cut, Hostile Takeover, Death and The Lady, and The Savage.

Then we see Sam and Jesse with Ian parked at Lummus Park across from the Park Central where a new sleazy deal is taking shape on the front porch.

Then Michael pays Pearce a visit. Location unknown.

Then we see Fiona and Sam outside Green Palm Bank. In reality this was filmed on location at the vacant 3250 Mary Street at the NW corner of the intersection of Mary Street and Oak Ave.

Sam is on the east side of Mary Street opposite the “bank”.

Then he walks to the front of the bank at the corner of Oak and Mary where he sees the plan interrupted by a beat cop.

Fiona arrives southbound on Mary Street and turns westbound on Oak Avenue.

Then it cuts and they have moved up to Miami. They are westbound on SW 3rd Street just east of Miami Ave.

They head westbound on SW 3rd Street.

Continuing west toward SW 2nd Avenue on SW 3rd Street.

As seen in All About The Benjamins

Then by SW 1st Court on SW 3rd Street.

Then northbound on SW 1st Court from SW 3rd Street.

While  Brian runs northbound on SW 1st Court. Fiona cuts short and runs northbound under the metro rail parallel to SW 1st Ct. Then she turns westbound on SW2nd Street and it cuts.

Then we see Brian turn northbound again onto SW 1st Court from SW 3rd Street.

Then somehow Fiona is southbound on SW 1st Court with SW 1st Street seen in the background.

Fiona cuts him off and he pulls into the north side of McCormick Place where he stops. Here Sam takes the car and the money.

Then we cut to a meting at Carlito’s. Filmed on set at the rear of the studio.

Then we see the often re-used shot of Michael’s car headed over the Card Sound Road Bridge to Key Largo.

Then an aerial shot of the South Florida Reception Center at 14000 NW 41st Street. We have seen this location used in the Miami Vice episodes, Payback, Walk Alone and Forgive Us Our Debts. We have also seen it before in Burn Notice, episode 54 Hard Time.

Then we cut down closer to ground level and we have switched locations to an entirely different facility. We are now at 2200 NW 7th Avenue, Miami. The South Florida Evaluation Center. We have seen this location before in Burn Notice episode 45, Friends and Enemies. We have also seen it in the Miami Vice episode, Forgive Us Our Debts.

Then we go to Yash’s house. This was filmed on location at 6190 SW 120th Street in Pinecrest, Fl.

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As seen in Porky’s Revenge

Asian Cut

Hostile Takeover

The Savage

Death and The Lady

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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