Then we cut to Fiona and Sam getting the trailer fixed. This was very likely filmed at the studio but not enough is seen to confirm this.

Then we see them arrive at Felecia’s Fine Jewelry. This was filmed on location in a  real jewelry store. Ely-M Jewelry, 48 East Flagler Street, Miami.

Then we see an establishing shot of the intersection of Flagler Street and NE 1st Avenue.

Why is everyone watching Jesse arrive? Almost as if somebody was filming something there and people were gawking.

Then we cut to Carlito’s where the plan continues to develop. Filmed on set at the rear of the studio.

Then we return to the South Florida Evaluation Center where Michael meets with Vaughn again.

Then we return to 6190 SW 120th Street, Pinecrest, where they attempt to put their plan into action. It appears that Sam and Fiona are parked by the house but not enough is seen to confirm this.

Then the crew returns to Michael’s. Filmed on set inside the studio.

Then we see Jesse meet in an alley to put their new plan into action. Thanks to Harold Loeser who has found a number of locations for us, we now know that this was filmed on Ocean Court at the rear of the Park Central Hotel. Thanks again Harold.

We then return to Michael’s, filmed inside the studio on set.

This leads us back to Yash’s house. Filmed on location at 6190 SW 120th Street, Pinecrest.

This time the plan works.

More re-used footage of Michael’s car on the Car Sound Road Bridge to Key Largo.

Then an aerial establishing shot of the South Florida Reception Center.

Before finally landing at the South Florida Evaluation Center where the episode concludes.









We see a brief establishing shot of an unrelated house, 800 Mashta Place,Key Biscayne.

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Fail Safe.

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