If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Next we cut to Coconut Grove where Sam and Jesse attempt to capture Tavian. They fail. Tavian gains the upper hand. Jesse is in the alley running east of and parallel to Commodore Plaza.

Tavian brings Sam to a driveway where he lets him go after setting up a meeting with Michael. Thanks to Richard Hill, we now know that this was filmed on location in the driveway of the Barnacle historic site. 3485 Main Highway, Miami.

Then we go to the Hotel’s Sauna where Michael takes care of kevin’s chaperon. This was not filmed at the Biltmore but on a set at the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio.

Then we see the woman having lunch and getting ready to split. They end up going for a swim. This was filmed at the Chart House Restaurant near the studio. 51 Chart House Drive. We have seen this used in episodes; 16 Comrades, 30 Question and Answer, 31 End Run, and 42 Partners In Crime.

Then we see them coming out of the water. Magically they have moved a little over 5 miles to the northeast, just above the Venetian Causeway.  The landmark radio tower on the bay behind the Miami Herald is clearly seen in several shots. They steal a motorcycle and head off north along the bay behind the Double Tree Hotel.

Sam is parked in the lot of St Stephens Episcopal Day School, 3439 Main Highway, Coconut Grove.

Then it cuts and they are still on the motorcycle being chased, but now they are back down by the studio on Darwin St. They are going thru the Fresh Market parking lot. They go over the small berm out onto South Bayshore Drive and head north.

It cuts again and they are now on a remote road. Thanks to Brian Roesch who acted in this episode, we now know where this was filmed. Brian portrayed a bad guy in the show but in real life he was nice enough to e-mail me the location of this filming. They are westbound on NW 168th Street just west of NW 122nd Avenue, Hialeah, Florida.

In order to avoid a roadblock, Fiona turns south down a farm road off of NW 168th St.

Then Fiona pulls into an abandoned structure. Thanks to Brian Roesch we know that this was filmed at the former Club Rancho Grande, 15852 NW 122nd Avenue, Hialeah.

Michael gets to the rendezvous point but Fiona is not there. The exterior arrival shots were filmed on Virginia Key at the end of Arthur Lamb Jr. Road. Just outside the central waste water treatment plant. The shots of the inside of the truck were filmed somewhere else, likely in Hialeah, location unknown.

Michael realizes that Fiona is having problems and takes off to look for her. This was filmed along the south west boundary of the treatment plant.

We cut back to Club Rancho Grande, where Fiona is preparing a last stand.

With Michael’s help they escape after a shoot out. Only for this filming they have jumped all the way to Walton County, or at least that is what it was called in the season 2 premier, Breaking and Entering. In reality they are on Virginia Key by the central treatment plant. This is where Michael exist the trailer at the start of season two.

Then we see them on Sewage Plant Road where we saw the Walton County Sheriffs arriving in Breaking and Entering.

As seen in Breaking And Entering

Then down the same trace where Michael showed us how to crash an airbag equipped Cadillac through trees by going in reverse (episode 13)

Then we cut to the opposite side of the sewer treatment plant on Arthur Lamb Jr. Road.

Then they meet the helicopter. Location unknown.

Then we cut to the Venetian Causeway where Sam and Jesse are taking care of business. We saw this view several times in Miami Vice. Most notably in Heart of Darkness and Bought and Paid For. Of course we also see it in the movie, Bad Boys.

Then we cut to the rear of the studio to the set of the loft’s exterior where Michael and Fiona arrive home.

Michael goes inside (studio set)to find Agent Pearce inside the loft. She knows Michael fled the murder scene and thinks that he is responsible for Max’s murder. The episode ends here.




If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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